MeriEducation strives to seek perfection through manic efforts to craft a successful educational enterprise. Investing over 2,000 hours a year and over 25% of its net revenue on Research & Development, MeriEducation is dedicated to crafting an unparalleled curriculum that truly only gets better with the years. The MeriEducation test prep curricula are updated several times every year. Directors of Curricula pore over newly released exams, instructors submit comments and feedback on updating content, and students are constantly surveyed, leading to a program that is comprehensive, effective, and engaging.

MeriEducation also believes that the success of students is a function of the learning environment and learning relationship with instructors. They believe in creating an atmosphere that is positive and enjoyable. From its inception, MeriEducation has provided an environment that attracts students who are struggling, student who are high-achieving, and students who just seek a learning milieu that is student-centric. When any MeriEducation student walks into any center, they are bombarded with genuine hellos from staff. It is truly an experience that is unique to MeriEducation.