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Interested in joining the South Lake Avenue Business District? Whether you are looking to acquire property, open a business or move to South Lake, the South Lake Business Association is here to help you learn about South Lake Avenue’s unique attributes.

A District with Rich History and a Vibrant Future

Before WWII, South Lake Avenue was bounded by homes on both sides of the street. In September of 1947, Bullock’s Department Store (now Macy’s) opened and South Lake Avenue would never be the same. This “store of tomorrow” was created and merchandised to appeal to the emerging automobile “carriage trade” with its interior design evoking feelings of an exclusive country club. The elegance and prestige of Bullock’s led to the development on both sides of South Lake Avenue with upscale shops, boutiques, national retailers and restaurants transforming South Lake Avenue into one of the premiere shopping destinations of the San Gabriel Valley. From the early 1960’s through 1990s, the northern section of South Lake Avenue near Green Street developed as a significant financial and professional center complementing the retail oriented southern section of the district.

Today, over 600 businesses operate in the South Lake Avenue business district generating an average day-time population of over 56,000 and over $251,000,000 in annual retail sales in 2018. While South Lake Avenue’s business district has grown significantly since its founding in 1947, it continues to retain the unique charm and elegance of its origins and has become a cherished, important and integral part of the City of Pasadena’s economy and heritage.

A District with Superb Demographics Aligned with Community Needs

Pasadena is a City like no other. Home to the Tournament of Roses Parade, Rose Bowl, the California Institute of Technology, NASA’s JPL, and numerous other commercial, educational and cultural institutions, Pasadena is a regional hub for innovation and creativity attracting community-oriented residents who value a small town “feel” along with world-class, modern amenities within the greater Los Angeles metroplex. No wonder Pasadena was recently named one of the best U.S. cities in which to live.

Nestled within three well-organized and active Pasadena community groups and a vibrant day-time workplace population of over 63,000, the South Lake Business district seeks to serve the needs of its local community. By continually aligning our services, products and events to local community needs, the South Lake Avenue business district has developed a reputation as Pasadena’s “locals” district attracting loyal customers from the district’s superb demographics.

We are happy to provide detailed demographics data upon request. Further, for those actively considering opening a business in the district, we may commission a Buxton Report to help you consider the unique value of locating in the district.

Institutional Leadership – The Value of South Lake’s PBID

Formed in 2007, the South Lake Avenue Property and Business Improvement District (“PBID”) is a unique benefit assessment district that enables the South Lake Avenue district property owners, businesses and City of Pasadena to work as a cohesive organization dedicated to the long-term vitality of the District. The organization provides and / or manages supplemental services and improvements above what can be provided by the City of Pasadena including a “clean and safe” program, a professional marketing and business promotion program and a program to enhance the physical environment and amenities throughout the South Lake Avenue District. The organization works closely and in partnership with the City of Pasadena for funding District Capital Improvement programs.  Through 2009, this partnership has funded over 1.1 million in needed improvements.

Activities and programs of the South Lake Avenue PBID are funded through assessments paid by property owners. The South Lake Business Association manages and disburses PBID funds and is governed by a Board of Directors selected from among PBID members.

District Tour

Learn more by scheduling a District Tour! This tour is designed to showcase the South Lake Avenue Business District — coffee is on us!

Tour Topics:

  • Available Spaces On South Lake (Office, Retail, Restaurant) and Who Is On The Block
  • City of Pasadena Tax Incentives
  • Clean and Safe Programs
  • Doing Business In The District
  • Information Regarding District Demographics, Development and Other Helpful Data
  • Marketing and Events
  • The Association’s Partnership With The City of Pasadena
  • Why South Lake Is The Premiere Place To Shop, Dine and Live

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