South Lake Avenue Testimonials

“…Over the last ten years I have watched how [SLBA has] put South Lake on the map and made it a destination for so many Pasadena residents as well as people from all over LA and Orange County….Thank you so much for helping South Lake to reach it’s potential. I love living so close and always look forward to all the great events! “

Donna Gale
Pasadena Resident

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to serve on the South Lake Business Association Board. My four-year tenure at the Macy’s Pasadena store has certainly been one of the most rewarding of my career. I have truly enjoyed being part of this community and serving on the SLBA board. It has been satisfying to witness all the progress the SLBA Board has made over the past two years, making so many improvements to the South Lake Business District. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I wish all of you the best, and know that with the current Board members representing the district, that only good things will continue to happen on South lake Avenue.”

Del Hernandez
VP Store Manager
Macy’s Pasadena (2006-2009)

“Being involved with the South Lake Business Association I have seen the organization energetically advocate for improvements on the avenue. The streetscape improvements are a great improvement and really a result of the work of SLBA. I also appreciate the work being done to bring business to the area and inject additional economic activity into South Lake. We are seeing these efforts result in new and exciting businesses along the street and new customers to patronize them.”

Paul Little
President and Chief Executive Officer
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

“When I first moved to Pasadena in 1981, my first apartment was on El Molino and South Lake Avenue was the main destination for dining, shopping and entertainment. Bullock’s, Monahan’s Irish Pub, The Chronicle were all long established “Pasadena Institutions” that made strolling the Avenue an enjoyable experience day or night every day of the week. After getting married and moving to West Pasadena, I watched South Lake Avenue develop more businesses and office buildings for us to work in. After moving my own law office to the Commons at 140 South Lake Avenue, I have come to realize that South Lake Avenue fulfils the City’s goal of being a place where we can live, work and easily traverse on foot. The new businesses like Pacific Sales, the new restaurants like Smitty’s, The Counter and Cafe 140, and the new lounges like Magnolia’s and The Wine Detective, all complement the long established ones that have been the backbone of this part of town since I first moved here. In addition, the new streetscapes and lighting, and all of the other public improvements that have been made by the District, have once again made strolling the Avenue one of the best experiences in town day or night every day of the week. I cannot think of a better place to live and work that in the City of Pasadena on South Lake Avenue where it all started for me 30 years ago.”

Richard A. McDonald
Attorney at Law
South Lake Tenant

“Thanks so much for bringing Shops on Lake to life for the holidays…Great Job!!!”

Merlone Geier Partners
The Shops on Lake Avenue

“Thanks for everything you do to keep South Lake businesses connected and engaged with the community.”

dusitD2 Hotel Constance

“Good things are happening [on South Lake], and the SLBA is making a positive contribution.”

Steve Mermell
City Manager

“I am the manager of the Drapers and Damons store on South Lake Ave, I have been in that position since 1999. I am also a lifetime resident of Pasadena. I have seen South Lake Avenue change from residential to retail, I have also seen changes to the street that have not been pleasant to watch, and have seen improvement’s in the last 5 years or so.

When I began my position with Drapers we were seeing articles in the local paper about new businesses not maintaining their property, overflowing trash bins on Shoppers Lane, parking lots not being kept clean. When I started working on South Lake I was disappointed to see these conditions, I was surprised when customers would tell me that they were afraid of people in the parking lots begging and asking if I could let the city know. I also heard complaints about the lack of holiday decor on the street.

When the South Lake Business District was formed we began to see immediate improvements, the first big change was the maintenance of the sidewalks, parking lots and trash storage. The business district hired a maintenance crew who keeps the area clean and attractive to shoppers. The second improvement was the hiring of ambassadors who keep a close eye on security issues, it did not take long before the majority of leafleting stopped, this has kept the parking areas clean. Having regular help has also kept the sidewalks clean as there are many empty store fronts having no one to maintain the property. The funds the SLBD collects are put to good use, parking lots are kept lit, clean and safe for all who use them. The third improvement has been to install new electrical service on the center island which has allowed us to have attractive holiday displays, and the purchase and installation of new street furniture, with more planned for the future.

Gina has done a wonderful job of communicating with the members of the association, is always looking for ways to improve the street and does a great job of selling South Lake as the place to do business in Pasadena.

As manager of a business in the district I am very glad we have the association as I have seen the before and after. The cost does not seem great compared to the advantages gained.”

Carolyn Robinson
Drapers and Damons

“SLBA is a vibrant business group whose focus is to improve the livelihoods of those who live, work and play in Pasadena, especially the local business’.  I am a local business that has had a great experience being a part of SLBA and all the ongoing events and functions that they have put together to help improve businesses locally.   It has helped get my business a great deal of  referrals, as well as good fellowship with other local business owners.  It’s a great way to let other business owners in my community know about my salon.  In addition, I have found many high-quality business owners that I have either done business with and some that I can’t wait to do business with.  The SLBA team is comprised of a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who take great pride in what they do, especially Gina.  I am proud to be a part of SLBA!”

Mira Abi Khalil
Business Owner
Touche Salon & Day Spa

“Since becoming the General Manager of the Prado Community Association four and half years ago, I have noticed many improvements in the South Lake Business District based on the efforts of the SLBA.  From the friendly and courteous neighborhood ambassadors to sidewalk cleaning and the center median improvements on S. Lake Ave. All of these efforts have had a positive impact and continue to contribute to the success and vitality of the area overall.  Many thanks!”

Lance W. Sandman
General Manager
Prado Community Association

“…We are also appreciative of the gentlemen who so professionally patrol our sidewalks…who ensure that the stores with bus stops at their entrances are safe and accessible during the after-school hours when they may have 10 to 15 students mulling around the front entrances waiting for the bus.  It makes the customer feel more secure that someone is looking out for them and their safety.  How do I know?  Customers have told me so.

…What SLBA is doing to bring meaning and relevance once again to this classy area should be highly commended and praised.  Speaking for the staff at JoS A. Bank Clothiers, we thank you all and look forward to the Association’s endeavors of growing our businessess together on South Lake Avenue.”

Ken Rausch
Assistant Store Manager
Joseph A Bank Clothiers