55 S. Lake Avenue (Office Space)

Various Sq. Ft.

The Standout Specifications

  • Property Description: Two Class A+ buildings connected by a collaborative outdoor courtyard
  • Ownership: CBRE Investment Management
  • Leasing and Property Management: CBRE
  • Total Size: 477,101 sq. ft.
  • Floor Plates: 26,500-sq.-ft. rectangular
  • Parking: Seven-level garage with a 3.0/1,000 parking ratio (1,238 spaces)
  • Connectivity: Both 55 South Lake Ave and 800 East Colorado Blvd are Wired Certified Gold

Please contact Natalie Bazarevitsch, Kevin Duffy, Doug Marlow for regarding available spaces and other leasing information. For more information, please view Property Highlights.

For inquiries, please contact:
Natalie Bazarevitsch, Kevin Duffy, Doug Marlow