What’s New on South Lake Avenue

Lake Ave. Retailers Glad To Have Macy’s Back

Pasadena Star News, Posted: 12/02/08 08:05:44 PM PST PASADENA – The revitalization of Macy’s on Lake Avenue has nearby businesses breathing a little easier these days. The revamped Macy’s re-opened on Nov. 22, after seven months and more than $15 million worth of restoration and retrofitting. But the closing didn’t come without concern on Lake […]

High-tech Parking

Meters going up – Fees to be collected along South Lake Pasadena Star News, Posted: 11/24/08 10:36:44 PM PST PASADENA – For the first time, curb-side parking meters have sprouted on South Lake Avenue south of Cordova Street, with others ready to go into operation early next year on the block north to Green Street. […]

Restored Macy’s Store Reopens

1940s building had been closed for remodeling Pasadena Star News, Posted: 11/22/08 12:32:53 AM PST PASADENA – Confetti, champagne, the Rose Queen and some really big ribbon-cutting scissors greeted shoppers at Friday’s unveiling of the restored 1947-vintage Macy’s on South Lake Avenue. The reopening came after an extensive seven-month restoration and earthquake retrofit – an […]

South Lake Optimistic

MountainViews-Observer – 11/07/08 By Teresa Baxter In every neighborhood of Pasadena there is evidence of national chain stores going out of business. Recently the city has witnessed the loss of the Pasadena Ford dealership, Linen’s and Things, and the upcoming closure of Shoe Pavilion on South Lake Avenue. Despite the indications that reflect our country’s […]

Spots on South Lake Avenue Greened Over For a Day

Pasadena Star News, Posted: 09/19/08 10:43:17 PM PDT PASADENA – If we didn’t need so many parking spaces, we’d have more space for parks. That was the message behind Friday’s National Park(ing) Day event in the city, where three parking spots on South Lake Avenue were transformed into mini parks for a few hours to […]

Parking Day – September 19, 2008

Larry Wilson: Motorists May Find Green Inspiration

Pasadena Star News, Posted 09/06/08 11:08:06 PM PDT It’s part of the common evolution from the guerilla to the grown-up, and that only makes it barely less fun and thought-provoking. So, Pasadena motorists, watch out when cruising South Lake Avenue for a parallel spot on Sept. 19. That prime curbside real estate may be one […]

Independents’ Day

Mom-and-pop stores duke it out with giant chains and recession Pasadena Weekly, Posted: 07/03/08 When Dave Brisbois realized his dream of opening a toy store three years ago, he never expected that something so fun could also turn out to be so difficult. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling displays of classic board games like Operation and old-school […]