City To Install Clearer Signs For Metered Parking

Pasadena Star News, Posted: 07/07/09 03:14:50 PM PDT

PASADENA – The city will put in new signs on South Lake Avenue that instruct drivers to pay at centralized parking meters installed last August.

Previous to last summer, parking was free on South Lake, between Green Street and California Boulevard. The switch to metered parking, however, led to confusion and complaints, officials said.

Signs along the stretch of Lake now instruct drivers to pay for parking. But there are no individual meters. Instead, centralized meters cover parking fees for several spots.

The new signs the city will install within two months will make it clear that drivers should feed the centralized meters. The signs include a picture of the meters.

Fred Dock,the city’s transportation manager, said trees on South Lake make the existing signs difficult to see. Other areas with centralized meters have not touched off similar complaints, he added.

“We’ve got the same set up in Old Town and people have not complained about it there,” Dock said.

Gina Tleel of the South Lake Business Association said business owner had urged the city to install new, clearer signs. But the association would also like additional signs that inform customers, many of whom are from out of town, what parking fees go to pay.

“We’ve found that when people have some idea that the revenue is going for improvements to the area, they are more positive about having to pay,” said Tleel.

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